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Story of Food

Motion Design | Projection Mapping
#Interactive Installation


This artwork explores the connection between food memories and self-identities, specifically for academic sojourners seeking comfort and nostalgia through familiar and authentic foods. By recreating pleasurable eating experiences, I aim to uplift their mood and highlight the multidimensional meanings of eating besides consumption, drawing attention to their identities.


Research & Analysis

User Experience

Motion Graphics


Interactive Design


Feb - May 2022


Parsons MFA Design & Technology



As part of the nearly 1 million foreign-born students studying in the U.S. in 2020-2021, academic sojourners often face vulnerability, frustration, and alienation in cross-cultural encounters. To alleviate pressure and insecurity, international students often seek solace in nostalgic food as a form of stress relief. Whether through cooking family recipes or visiting authentic restaurants, they seek a taste of home and a nostalgic eating experience to uplift their spirits. However, despite consuming meals from our home countries, my friends and I have sometimes found ourselves feeling unsatisfied...


Literature Review & Research

I did the literature review around the topics including psychology in international students, eating experiences, and self-identities.

Image by Zoe
International Students Stress
  • Cause of Stress: Expectations Gaps

  • Co-national Support can help with stress relief and cross-cultural adjustment.

Olive Oil on Salad
Multidimensional Eating Experiences
  • Pleasurable Eating Experineces originate from: Sensory, Emotional, and Social bases

  • Elements in food memories include: Self, Place, Food, Context, and Time

Food & Self-identities
  • There are strong ties between food, family, and home, as well as the agency in cultural performers.

  • The social-cultural context in memories help inform our identities both as individuals and in a community.


Surveys & Interview

I conducted interviews with Taiwanese students in NYC, focusing on their desire for nostalgic food. I discovered that their eagerness to indulge in these meals goes beyond mere consumption; it serves as a way to uphold and strengthen their sense of self-identity.

Interview Questions
  • What food was it?

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Where/When/With whom did you eat it?

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Why is it special to you?

  • ​​​How do you feel while recalling those memories?

  • ​​​​​Have you successfully recreated those experiences in the states? Any difficulties?

According to their responses, the multifaceted context in food, such as the environment, authentic flavor, and cultural rituals, strengthens their connections with home.

Po (24 yo)

I enjoy cooking family recipes that make me feel more "Taiwanese", and it tastes like home.

I enjoy cooking family recipes that make me feel more "Taiwanese", and it tastes like home.

Fennie (25 yo)

I tried to find some frozen Taiwanese snacks online but it just nearly tastes the same.

Fennie (25 yo)