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Way Out

Digital Game | Creative Coding


Every one of us has a story, a narrative we tell ourselves or others about who we are. This story can reveal much about our interests, values, and history. For this creative coding assignment, I designed an autobiographical game. Drawing inspiration from my experience of being isolated at school, I made this unique game to tell my story and hopefully resonate with players having shared experiences.



Interactive Storytelling

Game Design


Nov 2 - 9, 2021


Parsons MFA Design & Technology

(Critical Computational Lecture & Lab)

Game Demo


As an autobiography game, I brainstormed from the feeling of being isolated at junior high school. I came up with wire loop games where players have to get to the exit without touching routes' walls made of wires. I found the context of wire loop games similar to my experience. Avoiding touching the walls reminds me of avoiding classmates while being bullied. Therefore, I decided to employ this mechanic to build this game.

Electronic Maze Toy from Aliexpress

funny maze game.jpeg

Prototypes & Gray Boxing

After finalizing the game mechanics, I designed a maze featuring classmates' faces, where the player must navigate without touching anyone else to avoid being sent back to the starting position. I then created a storyboard for 5 narrative-driven levels that showcased my personal journey. Through gray boxing and prototyping, I tested various coding methods, including color detection, to determine the most practical approach.

Gray boxing.png

Gray Boxing(a)

gray boxing -2.png

Gray Boxing(b)

Despite encountering challenges with color detection, I sought assistance from classmates and optimized the code using distance detection, ultimately achieving the desired gameplay. To enhance the game experience, I implemented angle-tracking, symbolizing the sense of oppression by making characters always face the player.

Level Design

Level & Narrative Design

To immerse players in my narrative, I crafted 5 progressively challenging levels that symbolize significant days of my personal journey. Through immersive interactions and dialogue, players unravel the story as they navigate through each level.

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